Felix Weinberger


  • Vault - Multi-currency, offline-first expense tracking app for iOS and Android
  • BarQ - Real-time order management system for bars and pubs
  • Storeo - Open source e-commerce toolkit for building online storefronts


  • BondAlgo - Trading signal detector monitoring 4000+ assets on Stuttgart Stock Exchange
  • Blackjack-js - A simple blackjack-game that can be played in the browser


  • Rohrrechner - Mobile-first web-app for simplified pricing of steel pipes
  • Slide classifier - ML-enabled complexity classifier for PowerPoint slides

2016 & earlier

  • Medical records processing database for EMT team at Ried armed forces base in Austria
  • Automated data collection of gasoline prices in Austria over ~6 months for MSc thesis
  • Econometric analysis of share price impact of antitrust investigations for BSc thesis